Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Date Night

I've got a hot date with the Hubby tonight. While I'm looking forward to going out and having alcohol and a conversation that doesn't include the phrase "peek-a-boo", I haven't quite figured out how to get myself prepared to go out while simultaneously getting the kiddo fed, bathed and ready for bed. In the days prior to my tenure as "Mommy" I used to give myself an hour to get ready for dates. I would take a long shower, blow dry my hair, try on a couple outfits... If tonight is anything like the last few times we've gone out I'll probably have time to take a five minute shower, scrape my (dirty) hair into a messy ponytail and throw on whatever clothing happens to be clean. If I've really got my act together I might even get the chance to put on some lipgloss. The good news is that ever since Chris watched me give birth he thinks I look fantastic whenever I'm not screaming and bleeding from my nether regions, so at least the bar is set pretty low.

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