Friday, April 19, 2013

Have Yourself a Great Friggin' Weekend

It's finally Friday; I'm sure I'm not alone when I say this week has seemed like an especially long one.  I'm sticking close to home this weekend, as I'm in the thick of re-decorating our living room.  I'm not going to show you before pictures because I'm absolutely horrified at the disaster it has become since we had a baby, but I will share some "after" photos once I get all my projects finished.

Parenthood has not been kind to our living room rug, so I'm finally biting the bullet and ordering an indoor/outdoor rug that can just be hosed down.  I know that spilled cranberry juice is in my near future, so I figured I should move my cream colored wool rug now before it's beyond repair.

My Father-in-Law, Ken Heyman, used to be a photojournalist for Life Magazine, so we're lucky to have a large collection of some of his beautiful photographs.  I started framing them last night and I can't wait to see how amazing they are going to look when I get them all hung.  

I'm really excited to see this documentary about Bert Stern.  I think it looks really intriguing (plus he's Chris' uncle, so the old family movies should be fun to see).

I've been spray painting like a madwoman, and I'm obsessed with this little tool.  No more finger cramps and you get a much more even coat.  If you're even an amateur DIY-er you have to pick one up.

We're having friends over this evening, and I think I'm going to be adventurous and try this cocktail recipe.  Is it too early to start drinking now?

I can't eat chocolate because it bothers the Muffin Man's tummy, but I'm salivating over this fudge recipe from A Cup of Jo.  I'll definitely add it to my "after I'm done breastfeeding" bucket list.  

Have a wonderful weekend!

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