Monday, April 15, 2013

Wake Up Call

Good Morning!!!
I am not a morning person, which is unfortunate since my son thinks it's wonderful to start his day at 6AM. I admit that I've never been very good at waking up early (read: before 9AM), but waking up for multiple night feedings has made me dread the early mornings even more. Plus I still can't have caffeine thanks to the fact that I'm breast feeding, so I'm basically white knuckling this whole exhaustion thing. Thankfully, Chris wins the prize for "best husband ever" and he gets up with the Muffin Man so that I can sleep for an hour or two without interruption. I'm so grateful that Chris does this on an almost daily basis because I'm pretty sure if I didn't get those few morning hours of shut eye I would've gone insane several months ago.  I think that Chris secretly enjoys his morning "boys time" with Noah. I'm sure that he's letting him watch extremely inappropriate TV shows, but I figure he's still too young to be damaged by Game of Thrones. Besides, Mama needs sleep, so if the kiddo sees a little violence and sex before breakfast who am I to complain?

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