Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Love Hurts

Motherhood changes you. I never realized how much more deeply you feel things or how much more you ache for other parents when tragedies happen. Prior to welcoming Noah I, of course, felt horror and sadness when I would hear about the terrible things happening in the world. But now those feelings are magnified at least 1000 times. I try to keep things light here on the blog, but I felt that not acknowledging what happened yesterday in Boston wouldn't be right. My heart breaks for the Mommy who lost her son, and for all the Mothers whose lives have been irrevocably changed in an instant. I am so grateful that I have this beautiful gift of a little person to love and care for. Noah woke up this morning laughing and smiling and full of joy. I wasn't so full of joy that he was up every two hours last night and that it was only 6AM, but then I remembered that there are countless other Mommies in the world who would do anything to trade places with me, so I picked him up, gave him a big cuddle and started my day.  I'm so grateful today; for my family, for the life we share, and for all the love and abundance that we've been given.

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