Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mall Rat

Yesterday I tried to go shopping for a pair of sandals - "tried" being the operative word here. I usually confine my shopping expeditions to a walkable distance, but after scouring all my local spots and coming up empty, I was forced to venture forth to that dreaded place known as the mall. I hoped that the Muffin Man would sleep in his stroller while I shopped. He was tired, and sometimes I get lucky and he'll sleep for a long stretch while I do errands. Yesterday, however, was not my day. I thought for sure he would fall asleep in the car; he didn't. Then I assumed that he would fall asleep in the stroller while I walked around the mall; he did not. Instead, he commenced wailing at the top of his lungs as soon as I set foot inside the Bloomingdales shoe department, which was my cue to leave. It cost me two dollars in parking, another couple bucks in gas and several thousand dollars of my sanity to learn that it's pointless to try to shop with a small child in tow.

Thanks to online retail, the day wasn't a total waste. It turns out the choices seem so much better when you can drink wine while you shop! I'll let you know which of the six pairs of sandals I ordered work out.

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