Friday, November 1, 2013

Too. Much. Candy. (and Weekend Treats)

I totally have a candy hangover this morning, since I apparently found it necessary to eat all of the leftover Swedish Fish after the trick-or-treaters went home to bed.  Ugh.  The Muffin Man's first Halloween was not exactly a rousing success.  Noah decided not to take a nap yesterday afternoon, so by 6PM he was pretty much done.  We did have a great time dressing him up in his costume and taking him around the neighborhood, but I think the high point of his night was when we put him in bed and he fell asleep.  Please don't be alarmed if you see me carrying around a little boy dressed as a monkey for the next several months, because I'm not quite ready to retire the costume (hopefully this will not cause any lasting psychological damage).

The month of November started out with a bang, as I spent the morning attempting to save two beautiful old maple trees from being cut down; my hippie tendencies are guaranteed to make an appearance when it comes to trees and gardens.  I seriously contemplated chaining myself to one of the doomed trees, but I don't have childcare today, so I guess it's only thanks to Noah that I won't be spending the weekend in jail.  I may not have saved the trees, but I had a lovely conversation with my Council Person, so I'm sure that will come in handy when my neighbor tries to murder me for attempting to shut down his landscaping plans.  Welcome to Hollywood.

What are your plans for the weekend?  We have a fancy-shmancy birthday party tomorrow night, and another preschool tour on Sunday, so hopefully a shower and a manicure are in my future.

Here are a few goodies that peaked my interest this week:

You're probably washing your bras all wrong (I know I am).

This frittata is going to make an appearance at breakfast really soon.

Air fresheners are poisonous.  Does this surprise anyone?

Bottom's up!

Holiday door decorations that are chic, not cheesy.

Would you wear a cape? (I have one that I might actually wear now).

I really need to get on this Washi tape trend, because these candles are gorgeous.

Have a great weekend my friends!  Go out there and hug a tree today, because you just don't know when your asshole of a neighbor might cut it down.


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