Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Hanukkah Harry's Hip & Happening Gift Guide: This Mug's For You

I admit that I often give Los Angeles a bad rap, but I must not hate it with every fiber of my being, or I wouldn't have made it my home for going on a decade.  There are some wonderful things about this fair city of ours including the weather, the weather and, well, the weather.  I happen to know quite a few people who love LA;  interestingly enough many of these folks happen to be former Manhattanites (I'm looking at you here, Hubby).  Perhaps it's that life is just so dramatically different here than in New York, or perhaps it is, once again, the weather, but whatever the case may be, for a number of my friends and family their love for Los Angeles knows no bounds.  While I don't particularly relate to their adoration for this city of concrete and broken dreams, I still have to buy holiday gifts for these people.  The good news is that I've finally found the perfect item that will enable my friends and loved ones to showcase their love for LA but also fits my budgetary restrictions.

SoLA, or Sisters of Los Angeles, offers a selection of mugs appropriate for the LA-lover in everyone's life.  I personally think these graphic mugs capture the essence of the City of Angels perfectly with their pop-art colors and whimsical design.  At just $15.00 a piece, the mugs are practical, affordable and would definitely be a better choice for your office gift exchange than yet another Starbucks gift card.

The "Echo Park" model is a wonderful choice for all of your hipster friends who like gallery openings, avant garde films, and parties in empty warehouses.  Grab a couple "Malibu" mugs for your sister who has a perm-tan, snacks on seaweed, and likes to smoke out at Zuma.  There's even a "Valley" version for those friends you've lost to the cheaper home prices on the other side of the hill (which I guess is just our version of New Jersey).

If you live in Los Angeles you can check out the SoLA pop-up cart at The Grove, where they'll have all of their awesome products on display.  If you're a far-flung Los Angeles-lover (or you prefer online shopping like yours truly) head on over to their website and stock up on LA-centric products without leaving the comfort of your ergonomic desk chair.  SoLA also has a great selection of products for other cities as well, so I'm sure it won't surprise you that I'm eyeing a set of the New York & Boroughs rocks glasses.  Hey, you can take a girl out of New York...


  1. Replies
    1. They look even better in person - really colorful and fun.

  2. Hello from the UBC! Love these mugs. I live about an hour north of LA in Ventura County. We don't appreciate the city as much as we should, but I agree, it's definitely about the weather!


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