Friday, November 15, 2013

Have a Lovely Weekend!

Happy Friday, my lovelies!  It's grey and (slightly) chilly here in the City of Angels, so it looks like we're finally, finally getting some semblance of autumnal weather.  It just seems inappropriate to have 90 degree weather in mid-November.  We have no exciting plans this weekend, and I admit that I'm ridiculously excited to not have to wear makeup, blow dry my hair or squeeze myself into something fashionable.

The holidays will be here before we know it, so next week I'll be debuting my annual Hanukkah Harry's Hip and Happenin' Gift Guide.  I've got eight miraculous goodies, each one perfect for someone on your Festival of Light's gift list!  So be sure and check-in beginning on Monday, November 18th for great gift ideas and a discount code or two.

In the meantime, here are some interesting items from the world of the interwebs:

Good news; my BFA in theater doesn't necessarily mean that I'm doomed to a life of food stamps and failure!

Parents bring their child's dinosaurs to life in Dinovember.

Thanksgivukkah has spawned the Menurkey.  I think I need one.

On my Hanukkah wish list: an adorable winter hat, stacked rings, and lust-worthy shoes.

Fred Flare is shutting down.  Snap up some discounts while you grieve.

Grown-up jello shots appropriate for Thanksgiving; perfect for taking the sting out of your Mother-in-Laws criticism of your cooking!

Does becoming a parent mean that you should deactivate your Facebook account?

How stylish design and children can live together without disastrous results.

A good article regarding making disaster relief donations (please help if you can, but do your homework so you know how your money will be spent).

Have a great weekend!


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