Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Toys for my Tot

My house is starting to look like the showroom from Buy, Buy Baby.  At the current moment I have two swings, a MamaRoo, an activity chair, and a play mat scattered throughout my home.  If you're expecting a child and would like to try out one of these items before you register for it, by all means, stop by and give them a whirl!  I dream of once again having a well-decorated living room that isn't filled with brightly colored baby gadgets that clash with my upholstery.  The thing is that all of these items are necessary in order for me to maintain my sanity.  The activity chair is portable, which means that it happens to be the only thing allowing me the time to take a shower on a (somewhat) daily basis.  The MamaRoo is great for naps downstairs, while one of the other swings lives in my office and keeps my kid occupied long enough for me to do a marginal amount of work each day.  The other swing lives outside on the patio so that we can enjoy the beautiful spring weather and a Bloody Mary on the weekends.  And the play mat gets dragged around the house so that I can torture the Muffin Man with "tummy time" every day (and torture myself with his attendant screaming).  I'm sure that one day I'll miss having a house full of baby gear, but at the present moment I'm looking forward to no longer falling over this crap on a daily basis; my pedicures have really been taking a beating.

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