Monday, March 18, 2013

Mommy & Me Reject

There is at least one moment every day when I'm reminded how totally unprepared I am for parenthood. Today I decided to sign the Muffin Man up for a Mommy and Me class. I figure it's probably a good idea for him to socialize with something other than his stuffed elephant, and I could use a reason to take a shower and wear actual clothing once a week. Armed with a list of class recommendations from friends, I assumed I would be able to simply sign-up, pay a small amount of money, and show up armed with baby wipes next week. Boy, was I sorely mistaken! The first class I called about told me that I should have signed up when I first found out I was pregnant!! Seriously? When I first found out I was pregnant I was still trying to decide if I even wanted to have a child, so signing up for Mommy and Me wasn't exactly at the top of my To Do list. Apparently, this Mommy and Me class is so competitive and so in demand that anyone who isn't a celebrity needs to enroll before she even conceives a child. I'm wait listed for that one, but I guess unless I become an overnight sensation I can forget about the Muffin Man getting into that one. Most of the other classes told me the same thing or, if they did have space, the cost for eight sessions was close to how much we pay in rent each month. Thankfully, I found a nice Mommy and Me at our Temple ( that has space for actual living, breathing babies and not just zygotes. I feel bad that I've already failed the Muffin Man and that he's not going to be part of the Mommy and Me "in crowd", but I comfort myself with knowing that he's still too young to know that he's not one of the cool infants.

But you can bet your ass that I'll be calling preschools tomorrow.

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