Friday, March 29, 2013

Go Out and Have Yourself a Great Weekend

The weekend is upon us again, my friends.  I'm hoping this weekend brings me a sleep period of longer than three hours, but I'm not holding my breath.

Our continuing celebration of Passover has us planning to hit The Skirball Center for the Exodus Steps exhibit.  I realize the Muffin Man is a little young to really appreciate it, but the Hubby and I both love the Skirball and it seems like a fun activity for a chilly spring weekend.  Plus, I want to check out their weekend family program in order to be in the know when I'm looking for stuff to do with an active toddler in the next year...

Tonight the Hubby and I are going to slip out for an early cocktail at Sassafras.  It's the one neighborhood watering hole we haven't had a chance to check out yet, and it's owned by the same folks who have Bigfoot Lounge, so I'm looking forward to lots of kitsch and delicious adult beverages.

Sunday we're spending the day with my parents, and I'm thinking we just might ditch the kiddo with them and go for a bike ride along The Strand.  I'm dying for some exercise that's more of a workout than what I get in Mommy & Me yoga.  Of course, if we do go for a long ride I plan to reward myself with a large portion of Easter candy...

Enjoy your weekend, and a Happiest of Easters to those of you who celebrate!

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