Monday, May 2, 2016

Buy Your Momma Something Fabulous

mothers day gift ideas
I promise, your Mom wants more than just a weed.
Ah, Mother's Day, that special holiday each year where most women who have kids would prefer to spend the day alone but will, instead, be forced to fake enthusiasm for homemade cards and inedible pancakes.  This year, the only thing I've requested for Mother's Day is two hours to myself to attend a yoga class.  I'm sure that when I return home after my two hour sabbatical every single dish will be dirty and my home will look as though it's been vandalized, but those two, sacred hours of alone time will be worth the six hours of post-yoga clean-up.

In case you'd like an actual, physical gift to go along with time to yourself, I've put together my annual Mother's Day gift guide so that you have a helpful cheat sheet to send to your spouse.  Because let's be honest: unless you tell your Husband exactly what you want, chances are he's going to get you something horrible, like, say lingerie *shudder*.

mothers day gift ideas

 1.  Simple, chic, and affordable, this personalized pendant necklace is the perfect gift for a new Mom's first Mother's Day.  Bonus points for the fact that they are made in LA!

2. Top Shop is consistently on point, and this bomber jacket is no exception.  The ideal piece for Spring.

3. Chrissy Teigen is my ultimate woman crush.  Not only is she beautiful, but she's hilarious and she's an out-of-this-world cook; I'm sure her cookbook won't disappoint.

4.  I know that clogs are kind of a love it or hate it item, but my inner dirty hippie has a total clog obsession.  I love how the style of these Sandgren clogs look totally 1940's but still modern and chic.

5.  Moms are powered by coffee, and this is the perfect eco-friendly cup to take anywhere and everywhere.  It's also a chalkboard, which I promise you will use more often than you realize to entertain your children.

6. Motherhood has a way of prematurely aging you, and Arcona is the only skincare I've found that actually makes me look (slightly) better.  It's expensive, yes, but totally worth the money when all of your relatives tell you how good you look.  My Mother's Day gift to myself this year is a facial at the Arcona studio.

7.  Even Moms with a black thumb should be able to keep an air plant alive, and this planter is so chic - I love the gold accent.

8.  It wouldn't be a Mother's Day gift guide without a pair of super comfy pjs!  This set from Splendid is extra soft, and the shorts are perfect for warmer nights.

9.  Summer days mean trips to the beach...loaded down with all the crap your kids require to enjoy the surf and sand.  This giant bag is big enough to hold every. single. thing. and made of washable oil cloth, always a plus when children are involved.  It's available in a variety of fabrics (I would choose a black and white chevron) to ensure Moms of all styles will be happy.

Happy Mother's Day! May it be filled with lots of sleep, very few tantrums, and someone to clean up the kitchen after your kids make you breakfast in bed.

P.S. - for more gift ideas, be sure and follow me on Pinterest, where I'll post other goodies that strike my fancy.  You can also check out last year's gift guide.

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