Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Buy Your Mommy Something Fabulous

Mother's Day gift guide

At the risk of sounding like a horrible person I'm going to tell you what I really want for Mother's Day: I would give anything to not spend the day with my children.  Honestly, I would be thrilled if someone reserved me a room at the closest hotel so that I could read a book, order from room service and catch up on the last three seasons of Mad Men.

Since that weekend alone is definitely not going to happen, I've put together a list of Mother's Day gift ideas for items that will make you happy despite the fact that you'll have to spend your special day changing diapers. 

S'well water bottle
I like ice-cold water.  Yes, I know it's bad for my insides because it "dims my internal fire" or whatever, but I just don't find room temperature water refreshing.  These bottles keep beverages cold for 24 hours (or hot for 12), which means I'll still be able to enjoy a nice, cold drink when it's 95 degrees in the shade...in January.  Bonus: you could also smuggle a chilled white wine into the Hollywood Bowl in one of these, but you didn't hear that from me.

Alternative apparel jogging pants
I realize these are expensive for what are, technically, sweat pants, but these are well worth the money.  Here's why: they feel like sweats, but they have a flattering fit and the tuxedo stripe on the leg means that you look like you made an effort with your wardrobe, even if you haven't showered in four days!  Throw on a sexy tank top and a cute pair of sandals and you can wear these to date night without anyone (especially your spouse) being the wiser.

white rose bouquet

I realize that you can buy inexpensive flowers at Trader Joe's or the corner bodega, but sometimes it's really nice to receive an unexpected professional arrangement.  This is an especially good gift for a Grandma who lives far away and loves to tell you not to buy her a gift because she "doesn't need anything".  Personally, I'm partial to their roses.

woman's fedora
It wouldn't be a Misadventures gift guide without a hat!  I love my hats, and this wide-brim straw fedora is my accessory lust for spring.  The lighter color is perfect for warmer weather, and the wider brim means that I can wear a fedora and still protect my rapidly-aging face from the sun's rays.

sexy wedge sandal
These are my current shoe fantasy.  If you're rolling in dough or looking to really splurge this Mother's Day, these are the item to gift.  I love that these are a sexier version of my favorite old clogs, and that you could totally wear them for preschool pick-up or date night.

gold tag necklace
Gold Tag Initial Necklace, $37 (for one tag)
Normally I hate any type of jewelry that's designed for Moms; it makes me think of those horrible Jany Seymour open heart necklaces and I throw up in my mouth a little bit.  I do realize, however, that it's trendy to wear some sort of necklace containing your offspring's initials.  I love that these gold tags are simple and chic and I especially dig the reasonable price.  This is the perfect gift for a Mother's Day first timer.

lavendar bath salts
This stuff smells so good that it almost makes up for the fact that I have to remove 500 rubber ducks from my tub before I can take a bath.

milk frother
You know what lessens the sting of having to get up early after a long night with a new baby or a sick toddler?  Hot, fresh coffee with a dose of steamed almond milk.  Sure, you'll still have dark circles and a grumpy disposition, but at least you'll get to enjoy a fancy coffee without having to change out of your pajamas. 

Happy Mother's Day! May it be filled with lots of sleep, very few tantrums, and someone to clean up the kitchen after your kids make you breakfast in bed.

P.S. - for more gift ideas, be sure and follow me on Pinterest, where I'll post other goodies that strike my fancy.  You can also check out last year's gift guide.

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