Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Mom Lifestyle

Well, hello, stranger!

It's been awhile since we shot the sh*t here at the Misadventures, so I want to welcome you back and suggest you pull up a chair, pour yourself a cup of coffee (or wine, if you're into day drinking) and settle in for a ride on Anna's neurosis train.

I've decided to take the blog in a little bit of a different direction in 2017.  I have absolutely loved sharing my parenting triumphs and tribulations with all of you over the years, but now that my kids (specifically my son) are older, I'm less willing to share stories about them that they may not want splashed all over the World Wide Web.  A big reason I took a break from blogging last summer was because I wanted to find a way to still share my life with you without sacrificing so much of my kids' privacy.  I'll still be sharing funny parenting stories here from time to time, but for the most part, I'm refocusing on living your best life as a parent in Los Angeles.  (Yes, I stole that line from Oprah; no I am not ashamed.  The woman has a point.) 

What does this mean, exactly?  From pregnancy through preteen, I'm going to cover it: 
  • What to register for when you're expecting
  • What stroller(s) I'm loving
  • Great Mommy and Me classes
  • School info (like real, inside info, not the brochure stuff)
  • new products for Moms and babies
  • kid-friendly restaurants and activities
  • Mom and kid fashion that's affordable and chic
  • Home decor that can withstand children
  • Traveling with kids
  • Recipes for stuff your kids might eat
Essentially, this is going to be a lifestyle blog for real people with real children and real budgets.

The Muffin Man and The Little Lady will still be your guides to the good (parenting) life, and I can't wait to share our many adventures with you in the coming year(s).

Welcome back.  Parenting in Los Angeles is a wild ride, and I'm looking forward to being your conductor.


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