Thursday, June 30, 2016

Pool Party

best inflatable pool with pump
Keepin' the neighborhood classy this summer with our giant inflatable pool.
It's officially summer here in the land of concrete and broken dreams, which means it's too hot to go outside and the air conditioning is set to "liable to bankrupt you".  Sure, it's a dry heat, but unless you enjoy walking around on the surface of the sun, it's way too hot to do anything other than lie under an air conditioning vent bemoaning your lack of full time childcare.

I'm a pretty adventurous parent - I take my kids to museums, beaches, and activities - but once the temperature hits 90 degrees the last thing I want to do is push my kids in a stroller or load them into a hot car.  Unfortunately, I also get super bored being stuck inside my air conditioned duplex for months on end - there are only so many games of hide and seek and Candy Land one can play before going batsh*t crazy - so I needed to figure out a solution for how to play outside during the long, hot, never ending So Cal summer.

I present to you the best thing I have ever purchased on Amazon: a 12 foot inflatable pool with an actual pump.
intex inflatable pool
I've always dreamed of living in a house with a pool.  Granted, I dreamed that I owned the house, that the pool wasn't inflatable, and that I was hugely successful, but beggars can't be choosers.  I am now the proud owner of an above ground pool that my white trash relatives would love.  I've even got some AstroTurf around it to really class up the place.

Here's the beautiful thing: my kids love the pool.  They don't care that it's inflatable and makes our backyard look tacky; they just want to spend every waking moment splashing in it. The best part is that thanks to our new fancy pool, I get to spend hours on end doing nothing except sitting on my butt making sure the kids don't  drown.  I call that a major #lazyparentingwin.


  1. My neighborhood doesn't allow anything but actual in- ground pools. I soooo wish I could get one of these!

  2. It is seriously the best thing ever, Cristy! I suspect your neighborhood is trying to keep it classy since these things are hideous. Thankfully I no longer care tacky my yard looks if it keeps my kids entertained.


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