Thursday, March 17, 2016

Fix My Wardrobe Bungalow Edition

Bungalow clothing review
I love having clothes delivered to my home!
The other day I was cruising the ol' Facebook, checking out the relationship statuses of my exes, when an ad for something called Bungalow Clothing popped up.  I'm not sure why the FB algorithm picked that particular ad, (perhaps it assumes that anyone stalking their exes on a Tuesday night at 7pm is a loser in need of a new wardrobe) but I was intrigued.  I'm a sucker for good fashion under the best of circumstances, but when it also mentioned that it's a box of clothes delivered to your home, I was sold.  You know there's nothing I love better than having things delivered, especially cute clothing.  I've been using Stitch Fix for a long time now, and while I was enamored of the service the first few times, the last couple of months I've been sorely disappointed in the selections they've sent.  The stuff in my box lately has been more "minivan Mom" than "MILF".  So, naturally I decided to give Bungalow a try.

Bungalow is different in that it's definitely a more high-end service - think Bloomingdale's rather than Macy's - and you don't have to pay a styling fee in advance.  You also get a lot more pieces in your box, and it's a more personalized service in that you email or text your stylist directly to communicate about size issues and to let them know when you're ready to send back your returns.

Once I requested my first "dressing room" the box arrived at my door a few days later.  Really, is there anything better than coming home to find a box full of beautiful clothes sitting on your doorstep?  Okay, maybe a back rub from your spouse without him pressuring you for sex. 

But I digress.

Bungalow clothing reviews
Inside the box is a print out with all the information on the clothes and their prices.  Each of the garments also has a price tag attached directly to it, which I LOVED, because with Stitch Fix I kept having to refer back to the price list every time I tried something on.  What Bungalow doesn't do, and what I loved best about my Stitch Fix boxes, is provide outfit suggestions.  The thing I struggle with the most in terms of dressing myself, aside from finding time to actually do so, is putting stuff together.  I really needed some expert guidance with a couple of the pieces in my Bungalow box, especially with a weird black lace kimono thing that really stumped me.

Let me reiterate, this is not an inexpensive service.  If money was no object, I probably would have kept most of the items in the box, but since I'm currently still paying off my student loans from that oh-so-lucrative degree in theater, I kept myself in check.  Personally, I'd rather spend more money on fewer, quality pieces that I know I'll wear over and over again, rather than $20 on something that's going to end up in a landfill.  Disposable fashion bothers the dirty hippie buried deep inside of me. 

So, here's what came in my box:

Bungalow Clothing review LNA Tank
LNA Slant Tank, $33.80
This tank is totally my jam.  It's super comfy, kind of edgy, and very practical for my life.  I'm wearing it here with this bralette and I know I'll wear it all summer long.  Great for the playground and casual date night with a pair of sexy heels.  KEPT

Bungalow Clothing reveiw Hudson jeans

Bungalow Clothing review
Hudson Ferris Midrise Flare, $83.60 and AS by DF Silk Cami in Gypsy White, $143.00
I actually thought this was a good price for Hudson jeans, and I was really torn about keeping them, but I just didn't think I would wear them enough.  They fit really well, and the flare is fun and different, but not really practical for my everyday life running around with kids.  The top is beautiful, but thanks to all that breastfeeding I did, I no longer have the boobs to make it work.  Also, I kind of thought it washed me out a bit.  RETURNED

Bungalow Clothing Review Bella Dahl jumper
Bella Dahl Drape Front Jumper, $207
This is basically like wearing pajamas in public, except that you don't run the risk of someone thinking you're an escapee from the local loony bin.  The jumpsuit is really comfortable, machine washable, and also flattering.  It was a little baggy in the chest area (thanks, breastfeeding) but the size they sent was a medium, so I emailed my stylist and they're sending me a small to try.  This is about $100 more than I prefer to spend on anything for everyday use, but I know I'll wear this all summer long and can even throw on a sweater for the cooler mornings that pass for "fall" in Los Angeles, so it will pay for itself.  Bonus points for the fact that I don't have to figure out what to wear with it, and it looks like I put in some effort getting dressed.  EXCHANGED

Bungalow Clothing review Paige Denim
Paige Edgemont High Rise Ultra, $229 and Gypsy 3/4 Sleeve Peasant Blouse, $154
The jeans are super cute, but I literally own three pairs of black skinny cropped jeans with zippers.  Hey, at least I'm predictable!  The top was absolutely gorgeous, but I didn't think I would wear it enough to justify spending that much money.  Also, it was silk, which means it's dryclean only and it stains easily, two traits that don't work so well for mom life.  I think that if I went to meetings with actual adults on a regular basis, and needed to look professional, this would be a good addition to my wardrobe.  Since my current work wardrobe is sweatpants and stained t-shirts, this one went back to Bungalow.  It was hard to part with, though! RETURNED

Bungalow clothing review Splendid drape front dress 
Bungalow clothing review Splendid drape front dress
Splendid Layered Dress, $138 and Chaser Lace Kimono, $128
Okay, so this outfit is a perfect example of why I hate, detest and abhor shopping for clothes.  I loved this dress when I pulled it out of the box.  Splendid is one of my favorite brands, especially when it comes to kids clothes, and I'm always a fan of soft knits in the color black, so I thought for sure this would be a home run.  Um, no.  The dress just looked like a big black sack and was super unflattering.  The kimono was weird to begin with and, as I said earlier, I had no idea what to pair it with, but together this outfit made me look like Morticia Addams.  Loose clothes don't work on my figure because I end up looking like a toothpick wearing a garbage bag.  RETURNED

Overall, I'm pleased with what Bungalow sent.  I also like that it's not a recurring service, and that you can request a dressing room whenever you want/need one.  I'll definitely use Bungalow again, and I think if I need something particular for an event (assuming I ever get a social life again) it would be a great way to find a great outfit.  I'm certainly willing to pay a bit more to look like a hot mom because #vain.  

Photos by the lovely and talented Amelia Borella for Misadventures in Motherhood. 

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