Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry, Happy Everything

It's a Christmas miracle: we finally got a decent family photo.
Believe it or not, this is my final post of 2015.  I'm signing off until January in order to spend more time ignoring my kids while surfing social media on my iPhone.

I'm kidding.

I'm taking a break from blogging so that I can do all the stuff I never get done during the rest of the year because I'm too busy working; namely, sleeping and showering.

On January 3rd, the Muffin Man will be three years old.  I started my blog when Noah was a newborn, when I felt isolated, alone, and like I'd ruined my life by becoming a Mother.  New motherhood did not make me feel happy and joyous all the time, yet the only things I read or saw were about how "fulfilled" women felt once they had children.  I wanted to share my own frustrations in my own, humorous, way and through the Misadventures, and the community of women I've met, I've made peace with the new life I have as a writer, as a mother, and as a wife.  So much has changed since I moved into this little space on the World Wide Web - a second baby, a busy freelance career - and I'm so grateful to every single person who comes here and puts up with my neurotic musings on parenting.

Yes, even the ones who write me hate mail.

I've got lots of awesome posts planned for 2016, including some travel tips (and video) of our trip to Hawaii, a look at Noah's third birthday party, and a reveal of my newly-revamped bedroom.  I'd love to know more about what you'd prefer to read about next year, so I've set up a quick little poll.  Why not voice your opinion instead of doing actual work?!  Tell me what you like, what you dislike, and what you most definitely do not ever again want to see on the blog.  Hit me with your best shot - I can take it!

As always, you can keep your Misadventures withdrawal at bay by following all of our holiday antics over on Instagram and Facebook.  You never know what truly horrible ideas I'll come up with in the name of entertaining my offspring during school break.

Merry, Happy Everything.  May 2016 bring you fewer tantrums and much more sleep.


P.S. If you have hot New Year's Eve plans that involve staying home with your children and going to bed before midnight, be sure and check out DJ Hesta Prynn's awesome NYE playlist.  The tunes are so good that they just might out you in the mood for some sexy times with your spouse.  Assuming you drink enough champagne, of course.

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