Thursday, July 23, 2015

Fix My Wardrobe: June Edition

I know, I look like my Mother. 
It's been a whirlwind few months around these parts, what with getting geared up for preschool, my (paying) job, and the celebration of the Little Lady's first year.  I've been so busy, in fact, that I somehow let over three months go by without sharing a Stitch Fix post!

Apparently there are more pressing issue than my sartorial choices.  Hard to believe, I know.

I've been making an effort to get more professional here on the ol' blog, and in that vein I actually hired a real, professional photographer to shoot my fashion (and design) posts.  I know you're all going to miss the truly outstanding photos that have accompanied my pieces up until this point, and I'm sure that a small part of me will yearn for the quality shots my Husband took while simultaneously texting and chatting on conference calls.  I promise that while the photos are now of a better quality, they certainly don't hide the fact that I am aging rapidly and my boobs are sagging...even with the filters I put on them.

It's all thanks to the talented Tuna Boon that I look even halfway decent in these photos.  Tuna also shot the Little Lady's nursery, which you can take a walk through here.
Skies are Blue Medan Scalloped Crochet Top
Skies are Blue Medan Scalloped Crochet Top
Skies are Blue Medan Scalloped Crochet Top, $48.00
I loved the color of this top and orange is one of my go-to colors because I think it looks good on my seriously sun-damaged pale skin.  This top, however, was so boxy and really didn't do anything for my already less-than-ideal figure.  Also, I personally consider crochet to be part of the lace family, and I don't do lace.  RETURNED.

Pixley Linden Sheer detail sleeveless top

Pixley Linden Sheet detail sleeveless top
Pixley Linden Sheer Detail Sleeveless Top, $54.00
Obviously, I loved the color of this top, and I loved that I could wear it to Mommy and Me or to a work meeting and not feel under or over-dressed.  I had totally planned to keep this one until I wore it for about half an hour and the mesh detail was so itchy that I almost scratched myself raw.  If only open wounds were the hot look for fall, this would be my go-to shirt.  RETURNED.

Pixley nelda halter blouse
Pixley Nelda Halter Blouse, $44.00
I loved, loved, loved this in the box.  The print is so cute and I thought it would be the perfect shirt for the summer.  Then I put it on and I almost ran screaming from my own reflection.  This makes me look so boney and like my chest is concave (instead of just saggy).  Total disappointment.  RETURNED.

Level 99 Dilan distressed boyfriend jean

Level 99 Dilan distressed boyfriend jean
Level 99 Dilan Distressed Boyfriend Jean, $108.00
I've been on the hunt for a flattering boyfriend jean for the last six months, and so far it's been a total bust.  I think I just do not have the right body type for pants that are sort of baggy.  These were so soft and I really wanted to like them, but I think they are beyond unflattering.  I was already feeling less than stellar about my postpartum body and lack of muscle tone, but thanks to seeing my non-existant ass in these photos I'm now feeling so depressed that I actually called my therapist.  On the positive side, it has renewed my determination to get back to my yoga classes.  RETURNED.

THML Kahlo short sleeve knit top
THML Kahlo Short Sleeve Knit Top, $44.00
Meh.  It was super comfortable, but I also kind of felt as though it looked like I drove to Walmart and picked it up on the clearance rack.  Nothing against Walmart - it was a lifesaver when I was doing all those road gigs - but it's also not known for being on the forefront of fashion.  RETURNED.

I'm a bit disappointed that this fix didn't yield any wardrobe gems, but you win some, you lose some. I've been Stitch Fixing for almost a year (!) so I actually have quite a few pieces of clothing in my closet that I like and that are flattering.  Now I just need to find someplace to wear them other than the park.

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