Thursday, July 9, 2015

A Room Fit for a (Little) Lady

Little girl nursery

My daughter turned one last week, so I figured it was finally time to finish decorating her nursery.

When you're pregnant with your first kid, everything is perfect and ready; there are no unfinished nurseries, the hospital bags are packed by 32 weeks, and there's no last minute while-your-wife-is-in-labor scramble to install the carseat.

Second children, on the other hand, don't get this kind of VIP treatment.

I had every intention of getting her room done before she arrived, but then she was six days early and well, it just never happened.  When you've got a toddler and an infant and the only thing keeping you going is caffeine and willpower, you don't really have the time or energy to worry about the fact that your newest offspring is sleeping in an empty room.

Then I realized that her birthday was around the corner and it might look kind of bad if she was still sleeping in a barren space.  It turns out that there's nothing better than the judgement of other people to spur me to action.

Baby girl rose nursery
Initially I didn't plan for her decor to be influenced by her name, but then I found all these great rose-themed pieces of art, and it kind of just happened organically.  I'm really pleased with the way her room turned out; I love that it's girly without being twee, but also soothing and peaceful and a lovely place for Rose to rest and play.

grey oeuf sparrow crib
You're not supposed to hang art above a crib (especially in earthquake country), but the giant, blank wall really bothered me.  One day when I was cruising Instagram I found Urban Walls and thought that the gold polka dots were the perfect solution to filling up the wall and bringing a little whimsy into the room.  They are removable, so they're perfect for renters, but also a cost effective way to make a big impact without spending too many shekels.

urban walls gold polka dots
I scored the Oeuf Sparrow crib and changing table on Craigslist back when I was only 20 weeks pregnant.  They were in amazing condition and I basically got both pieces for less than the cost of the crib alone.  
Bedding: Pottery Barn Kids.  Baskets: Home Goods.  Rug: Rugs Usa

Baby girl pink nursery
When I found out I was having a girl, I was really hesitant to go with pink for her room.  I am not a girlie girl and I didn't want her room to look like a princess puked all over it.  I loved the idea of doing girly with a little bit of a modern edge, so when I couldn't find curtains in a print I liked, I found fabric online and my Mom sewed panels.   The glider was a hand-me-down from my Sister-in-Law and it's both incredibly comfortable and has a washable slipcover.  I can't tell you how many times I've soaked it in Oxyclean to remove all the spit-up stains from when Rose was a newborn.  The lamp is also from my Sister-in-Law, and the shade is a grey linen one I found at Target.
Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo print: Etsy

baby girl nursery gallery wall
The wall above the changing table was crying out for a gallery wall, so I started putting together vintage prints that I already had, as well as a pastel that my Mother-in-Law drew, and a few photographs.  The rose botanicals are exquisite antiques that were a gift to Rose from her Great Uncle.  I took a few of the photographs. 

rose gallery wall
I framed pretty much everything myself by buying pre-cut mats and standard size frames from Aaron Brothers and Ikea.  I even spray painted a few of the older ones white, since they looked dingy.
R is for Rose: B-de-B. Elephant print: Uncommon Goods.

DIY bookshelves
I spray painted the curtain rod and rings after seeing a blog post about it (I cannot for the life of me remember where).  It was a total pain, but it looks so much better than the nickel finish it had before. 
Gold spray paint: Design Master

Baby girl nursery
We are book lovers here at Casa Lane, so I wanted to make sure that Rose had a little reading nook in her room.  The chair was made by my Great Grandfather for his daughter, my Grandmother.

baby girl nursery
We're big fans of Madeline!

Ikea spice rack bookshelves

Ikea spice rack bookshelves
The only wall that had space for bookshelves is super narrow, and also had to allow for the closet door to be opened, so it was a little bit of a design conundrum.  I ended up cruising Pinterest, which is where I got the idea to turn cheap spice racks from Ikea into book shelves; brilliant, budget-friendly design solution!

vintage nursery decor
I keep extra bedding and out of season clothing in this vintage painted chest of drawers.  The Guess How Much I Love You print was a gift when Noah was born, but I hijacked it for Rose.  

vintage nursery decor
The swan is vintage, and holds all of Rose's hair clips, headbands, and other flotsam and jetsam.

I think the Little Lady approves! 
Either that, or she's just happy she finally has a rug and some artwork on the walls.  

Photos by the incredible Tuna Boon

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