Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Welcome, Allyson!

They say that with age comes wisdom.  I'm definitely aging rapidly, thanks to my children, and I'm not sure how "wise" I am, but I will say that getting older has made me realize a few things about myself.

1. I like a glass of wine after a long day with the kids.  Oh sure, I'm modeling bad behaviour, but I think that's probably less damaging to their development than seeing me stick my head in the oven after one too many tantrums.

2.  I don't care about being cool.  Look I wasn't "cool" in high school, and I'm certainly not cool now, but the difference is that I just don't give a sh*t.  I'm in my thirties and I have two kids and a freelance writing career; ain't nobody got time for keeping up with the Joneses.  If you care about being cool or being part of the in crowd at the park/school/Mommy & Me class, then we probably won't be friends, and I am totally okay with that.  

3. I am not crafty.  I would love to be.  Heck, I bought the glue gun and I have the Pinterest boards, but that's just not my forte.  I don't decorate cakes, or design homemade valentines, or throw parties ripped from the pages of Martha Stewart.  I am pretty much a one woman "Pinterest Fail".

One of the greatest aspects of getting older is that I've learned to accept these things about myself.  I no longer try to do (or be) things that don't come naturally to me.  You need someone to write a press release about your party?  I'm your gal.  Looking to add a few more jokes to your script?  Give me a call.  In need of a unique and never-before-seen Halloween costume?  I am not the lady to help you with that, but I will find someone who can make it happen.

In that vein, I've decided to bring on a Lifestyle Editor here at Misadventures in Motherhood.  I know what I'm good at - telling jokes, writing copy - but you, dear readers, deserve more.  You deserve to be able to stop by the blog and find inspiring crafts and delicious recipes written by a professional baker.  You should be able to find party ideas that are created by real Moms for real kids on affordable budgets.  Which is why I am thrilled beyond belief to welcome Allyson Haas to the Misadventures team!  

Motherhood humor
Allyson Haas
Though missing the "butcher" title, Allyson fancies herself a baker and artisanal ice cream maker.  The founder of The 95th Street Bakery and United Scoops of America, Allyson creates unique and delicious treats in her home kitchen.  Outside of her domicile, you can find her chasing her mini around LA, attempting to get her children's books published, and trying to change the world one kind deed at a time.  Follow her on Instagram at @allysonhillary and @365waystogood.  

I met Allyson and her son, Caleb, at the Mommy and Me class from Hell.  If the only thing I got from the class was a friendship with Ally, it was totally worth it.  Allyson is truly amazing.  She bakes, she crafts and she throws incredible parties.  Oh, and did I mention that she doesn't have any childcare and her son doesn't nap?!

I honestly and truly don't know how she does it, since most days I'm ready to throw myself in front of a train by 2pm, and I do nothing domestic.

I'm so excited to see what Ally shares going forward.  I just hope that my husband doesn't start to wonder why the only thing I do around the house is order take out.

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