Thursday, April 16, 2015

Fix My Wardrobe Maternity Edition

Did the title of this post make you sh*t yourself because you thought I might be pregnant again?  I promise you I am not at all, in any way, with child.  My uterus is more barren than summer in the Sahara desert, and I plan to keep it that way.  You can rest assured that the only thing I'm "expecting" is to end my day with an ice-cold martini.

While I, personally, am not pregnant, one of my dear friends, Dava Krause, is expecting her first child this summer!
Dava Krause
I met Dava many moons ago when I first started doing stand-up in Los Angeles, back when my boobs were perky, I had the energy to stay up after 10pm, and female comedians were still a bit of a novelty item.  Now that Dava is a Mommy-to-be, many of our recent conversations have revolved around how difficult it is to find maternity clothes that are comfortable and cute.  Oh sure, leggings are great, but once in a while a pregnant lady wants to wear something without an elastic waistband and that doesn't resemble pajamas.

When I heard that Stitch Fix had started offering maternity styles, I immediately called Dava and told her to check it out.  Believe me, if Stitch Fix Maternity had been an option when I was carrying around one of my offspring, I would've jumped on it.  Heck, anything to avoid the nightmare that is shopping while pregnant (seriously, I have PTSD from that experience).

I roped Dava into being the subject of this month's Stitch Fix post.  Mostly because I think she looks super adorable in the pieces she chose, but also so that I could avoid having to make myself presentable for photos of what I got in my box.  Thanks to Dava it is entirely possible that I will go an entire month without washing my hair.  Jury's out on whether that's something I should publicize.

I digress.

Let's get back to the issue at hand and see what Dava got in her Fix:  

Sierra Max Dress
LA Made Maternity Sierra Maxi Dress, $118
I liked it in the box and I like the style and color but when I put it on it fit weird.  It made my boobs look floppy and it just didn't fit right.  RETURNED

I didn't love the dress in the box and probably would never have picked this out for myself, but when I put it on I loved it  It fits perfectly, makes me look pregnant and not fat, and it gave me awesome cleavage (hey, if you've got it, flaunt it.)  KEPT.
Love the jacket.  It hits me at just the right spot so it's flattering and it will go with everything I wear this spring from jeans and a t-shirt to a cute dress.  KEPT
Editors note: I think this looks so cute on Dava, and she'll be able to wear the jacket even after the baby arrives.  

Jeandra Crochet Top
Eight Sixty Jeandra Crochet Lace Top, $48
I liked the color and the neckline and the crochet, but it was just too baggy.  When you're built with a big butt/legs and you're pregnant the last thing you need is a baggy top.  Gotta show off that bump or you just look large.  RETURNED

Saira maternity skinny jean
DL1961 Saira Maternity Skinny Jean, $174
I really like these.  They don't make me look amazing and they are pricey, yes, but let me tell you people how impossible it has been to find maternity jeans that are HALF flattering.  Plus they have elastic on the side of the waist and then the front dips down a little lower leaving room for your belly instead of having one of those annoying elastic things that you pull over your whole bump.  They're slightly big on me so hopefully I'll be able to wear these through the end of my pregnancy.  KEPT
Editors note: I know Dava doesn't think she looks amazing in these, but my personal opinion is that they are incredibly flattering and really chic, and they look just like regular jeans as opposed to preggo pants.  

Overall I was very very happy!  It saved me hours of miserable jean shopping and I got a few adorable items I would have never picked out myself.

Thank you, Dava (and baby), for sharing your Fix results!  The stuff you chose was so cute it almost made me think it wouldn't be so horrible to have another baby.  Then I realized that is crazy talk and I called in a refill on my birth control just for good measure.

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