Thursday, April 30, 2015

Do Good, Eat Sweets

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We've entered the dreaded "picky toddler" phase here at the Lane homestead.  Oh sure, everyone told me that the Muffin Man would eventually refuse to eat his usual international buffet of foodstuffs, but I didn't believe them.  Delusional as always, I thought that we would sail blissfully through the toddler years serving lamb kofta, chicken curry and asparagus quiche instead of the three toddler food groups of plain pasta, cheese pizza, and french fries.

Cue the "I told you so's", because Noah has officially become one of those kids who refuses to touch almost anything that isn't white; in the battle against empty carbohydrates I am losing dramatically.

Feeding a toddler can definitely be a challenge.  So far, my son has never gone hungry, and despite his penchant for only ingesting foods made with white flour, he doesn't have scurvy.  It is a royal pain in the ass trying to feed a picky kid who turns up his nose at a perfectly delicious, home cooked meal.  It drives me crazy that some nights I have to give Noah crackers with almond butter because it's the only thing he will eat.  If parenthood alone didn't already drive me to drink, feeding a toddler would do a damn good job of it all on its own.  But what if we didn't have a pantry and refrigerator full of back-up meal options to turn to when Noah throws a fit and refuses to eat dinner?  How heartbreaking must it be to not be able to offer your kid anything, let alone something he likes?  

In the United States, 50 million people are unsure where their next meal is coming from, and women and children suffer the most from food insecurity issues.  On a local level, one in six families in the Los Area need assistance with keeping food on the table.  

Wouldn't it be great if there was an event that would be fun for both you and your kids, and that raised money to help local families in need?  Well, I've found one, and it's fantastic, fun, and benefits a very good cause: feeding local needy families.  

Next Saturday, May 9th, grab your kids (and your wallet) and do good while you have fun at the 5th Annual Sugar & Stilettos Bake Sale Extravaganza.  

Sugar & Stilettos is like a giant school bake sale, except without the dried-out brownies and PTA infighting.  Featuring items from a selection of 25 of LA's top bakeries, including Milo & Olive, Susie Cakes, and Bouchon, this year also boasts a spectacular Sugarfina candy bar.  Admission is completely free, so all of the money raised through the sale of the mouth-watering baked goods goes to organizations working to feed hungry kids and their families.  Yes, your children will be bouncing off the walls from all the sugar, but at least you'll feel a little bit better knowing that the money you spend on macaroons and bundt cakes is going to a good cause, specifically St. Joseph Center's Food Pantry and the Westside Food Bank.  

If sugar isn't your thing, then we can't be friends, because you sound super un-fun, but there are calorie-free things to bid on at the silent auction.  Unlike at your kid's school fundraiser where they're trying to pawn off some ugly class mural for $5000, the Sugar & Stilettos auction includes things that you might actually want, like jewelry, products from The Honest Company, and a pair of stilettos signed by Amber Valetta.

Face painting and balloon animals should keep your hopped-up-on-candy children occupied while you ogle last year's "Mr. Sugar & Stilettos" Steven Weber (if you aren't old enough to remember him on Wings then we also cannot be friends) and find out which handsome Hollywood gent will proudly wear the stilettos, tiara and sash in 2015.  

Personally, I'm just hoping one of these bakeries slips some spinach in their brownies because then I'll be able to do good and get Noah to eat a vegetable.

Saturday, May 9th
11am - 3pm
2306 Midvale Ave., Los Angeles (between Olympic and Pico) 

This is a sponsored post, but all opinions about how amazing this event is, as well as how few vegetables my son eats, are completely my own.

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