Thursday, January 29, 2015

In Defense of Date Night

Last Saturday night the Hubs took me out to dinner, and it was amazing.

Was it the best meal we've ever had?  Not really.  But after five days of taking care of a sick and (super) clingy toddler I was just happy to have an excuse to shower and put on actual clothing; even I get tired of wearing pajamas after almost a week straight.

Honestly, we're not usually big fans of going out on Saturday nights.  I suppose it's from too many years of living in Manhattan where locals prowl the city on Thursday nights, and only "bridge and tunnel" people would be caught dead attempting to secure a restaurant reservation at 8PM on a Saturday.  We generally thumb our noses at leaving the comfortable confines of our couch on a weekend evening, but after too many days of being cooped up inside, we decided to hire a sitter and hit the town.

I am SO GLAD that we did.
  • It felt good to have a reason to wear something other than pajamas or yoga pants.
  • It felt fantastic to be out at a restaurant where there were no children.
  • It felt incredible to have a conversation with my Husband that didn't get interrupted by a toddler screaming for "mo boo-berries".
We drank cocktails, and talked about world events and enjoyed the repeal of the fois gras ban, and over the course of two hours I regained a little bit of my old self.

I miss her sometimes, that person I used to be, before diapers and poop and baby everything began to consume my life.  I miss the woman who could stay up past 9pm and who knew what was happening in the world and who was actually fun.  There are so many days when I feel like she doesn't exist anymore - as though she's disappeared along with my boobs - so it was nice to discover that I'm still that lady, just with some pretty awesome diaper changing skillz throw in.

So I'm making a pledge to myself to get off my tired butt and go out more often.  Yes, it takes just a teensy bit more effort to shower and blow dry my hair and actually leave the house, but it's so worth it.

Besides, if I don't ever go anywhere except the playground, where am I going to wear all those cute clothes I get from Stitch Fix?!

P.S. We went to Terrine, and they have a beautiful garden, yummy cocktails, and absolutely delicious fois gras.


  1. Oh I can totally relate. :) Glad y'all got out!

    1. Thank you!!! Me too. It was desperately needed.


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