Thursday, January 8, 2015

Back to the Future

Happy 2015, my lovelies!  I hope you had a wonderful Holiday break and that you were able to relax and enjoy some quiet ti--- oh, never mind.  Most of you have children so you're probably even more tired than you were before the holidays what with no school, no daycare and all the freakin' sugar your offspring have been stuffing into their gaping maws since Thanksgiving.  Well, here's hoping you get a chance to rest sometime before 2025.

I had all these grand plans to put my Blog break to good use.  Here's what I hoped to get done over the ten days during which you were forced to cruise the interwebs for content not half as inspired/hilarious/zany as mine:

1. File the three-foot-tall pile of papers currently residing on my desk blocking access to both my keyboard and my printer.

2. Finish the Little Lady's nursery.

3. Plant my vegetable garden

4. Write a bunch of blog posts to start out 2015 ahead of schedule!

5. Reorganize my closet and send the last of my maternity clothes to ThredUp.

6. Frame some photos of my kids to add to our gallery wall of family photos.  Currently, it looks like Rose doesn't exist and I still have perky boobs and no under eye circles.

Guess what?  I completed nothing on my list.  Not. One. Single. Thing.  So I'm starting out 2015 the way I closed out 2014: with a messy desk, dirty hair, and a lot of grand plans for things I most likely won't accomplish.

Happy New Year!  May 2015 bring all of us everything we desire!

Specifically, a Personal Assistant.


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