Thursday, October 9, 2014

Flower Child

Peace is the word (or the name of this bouquet, as the case may be).
When you have a new baby who finds it immensely entertaining to be awake in the middle of the night for long stretches of time, you often find yourself sucked into a TV rabbit hole.  Over the last few months, during which I've logged at least 100 miles pacing the floor in my living room trying to get my newborn to sleep, I discovered the show Shark Tank.  I realize that I am totally late to this party but oh my gosh you guys this is the BEST SHOW EVER.  And no, that's not just my exhaustion talking.

If you are unfamiliar with Shark Tank please take a moment to look it up and watch an episode.  Basically, the premise is that people who have invented products go in front of a panel of potential investors and try to get them to back their company.  I realize it sounds incredibly dull when written in black and white, but I promise you it's fascinating. Mainly because some people invent the stupidest stuff and then can't figure out why they aren't making any money.  Sure, I like to laugh at these idiots and their ridiculous inventions (football scented "Man Candle" anyone?) but at least they are taking a risk and putting it out there.  Hey, I'm just sitting on my ass watching my kid throw blocks at his baby sister, so who am I to judge?

Once and awhile, however, they do showcase a product that I find intriguing.  I got particularly excited recently when I received a bouquet of flowers from one of the companies that I'd just seen on Shark Tank.  It's shocking that I recalled watching them on the show, considering I can barely remember my own name and phone number these days, but when a box from The Bouqs company arrived at my doorstep I got practically giddy.  It was sort of like having a celebrity show up at my home, except that I wouldn't be arrested for bringing them inside and trapping them in a glass vase.

As I'm sure you can imagine, when one names her child Rose she ends up receiving lots of bouquets of roses.  For a few weeks there our dining room looked and smelled like Descanso gardens in the middle of May.  I did notice, however, that unlike many of the arrangements we received from florists, the blooms from The Bouqs company lasted the longest - almost two weeks.  According to the literature included with the flowers, it's because they ship them directly to the customer immediately after cutting them, so they aren't sitting around in a refrigerated truck for several days before reaching the recipent's doorstep.  When I opened the box and pulled out the blooms, I observed that they had some sort of weird slimy stuff on the ends of the roses.  Assuming (wrongly) that my fresh flowers were starting to rot, I immediately emailed the company ready to complain, but I was assured that it was just a gel that keeps the flowers hydrated in transport.  I thought that was a pretty nifty invention, as it meant that I didn't end up with 12 little plastic water tubes filling up my recycling bin and contributing to my ever-expanding carbon footprint.

You know what's funny?  I don't think that The Bouqs got an investment from Shark Tank, even though it's a really cool company.  I'm pretty surprised, considering that the product is far superior to the other online floral delivery companies I've used in the past.  Oh well, I guess there's no accounting for taste... just look at some of the dudes I dated.

I'm excited to be an ambassador for The Bouqs company, which means that I'm helping to share the love for their beautiful blooms.  Go ahead, treat yourself (or someone you love).  You can thank me later, perhaps by sending me roses?!

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