Friday, September 19, 2014

(Blog) Design on My Dime

From fugly... fabulous!
Just like my blog.
Dear Longtime Readers,

It's high time that I issue you an apology.  A select few of you have been loyal followers of the Misadventures from the very beginning, and I am so grateful to you for sticking with me during the period of time when my blog was hideous looking.  I sincerely apologize for subjecting you to a blog template that looked uglier than I did in my high school year book photos.  I appreciate that you hung in there while I experimented with every single template that Blogger offers, often assaulting your eyes with juvenile prints of building blocks or animals or some other nonsense that didn't reflect my sensibilities at all.  I'd like to flatter myself and think that you kept coming back because my writing is just so darn engaging, but I suspect it's because you're either one of my relatives and you felt obligated to do so, or you were simply bored at work.

Whatever the reason, thanks for hanging in there with me until I eventually found Luvly.  I'm not quite sure how I came across this amazing site, but I have a vague recollection of typing "Blogger templates that aren't heinous" into Google and, low and behold, my search turned up Luvly!  Well, this was like manna from blog template Heaven.  

A large selection of chic and beautiful blog templates that could be customized?  Check.  

Easy to implement with my Blogger platform?  Check.  

Affordable?  CHECK!!!  

Just as I was beginning to despair that I might have to sell my second unborn child in order to afford a custom-designed blog template, Luvly came into my life and won me over.  I spent a good chunk of time checking out all of the designs, settled on one that I felt reflected my sensibilities, and then paid the incredibly affordable fee of $35.00 to upload it to my blog.  Included in that fee was direct contact with the designer, customization of the header and welcome photo and some of the best customer service I've encountered in, well, forever.  Just two weeks ago, when I couldn't get in touch with the designer to make some necessary changes, the site's founder stepped in and hooked me up without charging me a penny.  So yeah, definitely the best $35.00 I've ever spent.  

What's that you say?  You're not a person who airs all of her dirty laundry on the interwebs (AKA a blogger)?  Luvly has goodies for you, too.  How about a customized banner for your Facebook page that's sure to make your ex-boyfriend regret dumping you? Or a logo for your burgeoning photography business?  It's all there for the purchasing.  

Thank you, my friends, for sticking with me.  I'm so grateful that, unlike my high school boyfriend, you had faith that this ugly duckling of a blog would turn into a swan.  


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