Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Married... with Children

Today is our eigth wedding anniversary. It's amazing that we remembered it considering we're both so exhausted we can barely remember our own names.  We were laughing this morning about how different our lives are now that we have children, so I thought it would be funny to compare and contrast the us of then, versus the us of now.

1.  "Sleeping in" means the kids don't wake us up until after 8am. Back in the good ol' days when we got married we didn't get up before 9:30 or 10am unless we had a flight to catch, and sometimes we didn't even bother going to sleep if departure time happened to be extra early.

2. We wanted things like fine china, crystal bowls, and kitchen appliances because we hosted parties and cooked gourmet meals. These days the only thing we want is full time childcare, and I can't remember the last time we cooked anything, let alone something gourmet. The nice toaster oven we received as a wedding gift really comes in handy for warming up frozen chicken nuggets, however.

3. We listened to NPR and discussed things like politics, art openings and food culture.  The only radio station we've listened to lately happens to be the toddler station on Pandora, the closest we've gotten to an art opening is running around the lawn of the La Brea Tar Pits, and unless the restaurants are kid-friendly chances are we haven't been there OR heard about it. 

4. I owned sexy lingerie and I wore it, often. Tonight I'll be sporting a super hot combo of disposable underwear, a nursing bra, and an elastic corset thing to  help shrink my post-baby tummy.  That outfit, combined with the all-too-recent view the Hubby got of my lady parts being stretched out, doesn't exactly make for a steamy evening. 

5. We had time, lots and lots of time. To get dressed up, to read the New York Times, to watch movies and make artisanal cocktails and hang out with friends.  Tonight I will be lucky if I get to shower before we leave for dinner, I have no idea if the Times still prints a paper edition since it's been so long since I read it, and if I can't pour my cocktail from the bottle straight into my glass I don't have time to make it. 

Life is different, yes, and sometimes I miss our old carefree, well rested days, but this new life - the new us - is wonderful. We have two children whose smiles and laughter can make even the shittiest days better, and that's priceless. Though I certainly wouldn't pass up a few nights in a hotel without my kids.  Heck, I might even pack some underwear that's not disposable. 

Happy anniversary, Chris!  I love you. 

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