Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Destination Unknown

I'm almost done cooking this second baby which means two things: I'll be able to enjoy an ice cold margarita in approximately five weeks, and that we're supposed to be planning a Babymoon.  If you're unfamiliar with this particular term, Wikipedia defines it as "just like a honeymoon, except you’re pregnant... the purpose is to have one last 'hurrah' as a couple... before baby arrives".  Honestly, I don't know how much of a "hurrah" one can have when she can't drink alcohol and looks like a whale wearing a bikini, but whatever.  We didn't have a Babymoon when I was pregnant with the Muffin Man because we were brokety broke broke, and this time around it looks like we'll be taking him with us because we don't have full time childcare, so I would say that we're pretty much striking out on the whole Babymoon front.  While I dream of spending a week alone with the Hubby on some tropical island that has no cell reception, that's probably not going to happen until some summer in the far off future when I ship my kids off to sleep away camp for three months.

Did I mention that we're thinking of going away next week and that I haven't planned anything?  Not one darn thing.  Because that's how I roll, folks.  Not really, though.  I usually prefer to have at least some semblance of a plan, but what with the whole house construction and the Hubby working around the clock and the pregnancy thing happening, I'm really off of my game.  So I'm turning to you, lovely readers, and asking where you would go if you were in my position.  Keep in mind that I can't really fly anywhere at this late stage in the whole "gestating a human" thing, we are now the parents of a walking-running-tantruming toddler who is scared of farm animals, and we're not exactly rolling in the dough.  I sincerely hope you have some decent ideas, because so far the only thing I've come up with is pitching a tent in my parents' backyard and calling it a day. 

Photo via Oscar Nguyen


  1. Spur of the moment trips are the best. I wish we do more of them.

  2. Take a road trip to Park City, UT and explore the mountains and village where the Sundance Film Festival takes place. You can take a lift up the mountain and bike down. So not too much effort. Take it nice and slow though. Nothing crazy. Good luck with everything and don't be too hard on yourself. Just enjoy the fact that you can sleep through the night for a minute!

  3. In my area I would go the nearest nice resort and just chill there. For me, that would be a either a Disney resort or one on Clearwater beach. Have fun whatever you do!


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