Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Putting it Together...

Well my lovelies, I think you'll be proud of me: I've made some big steps in the past two weeks in terms of getting ready for Baby Girl's arrival.  As you well know, I've been just a teensy bit in denial about the fact that she's supposed to arrive in the next ten weeks or so, and I've put off doing much of anything to prepare for this eventual conclusion.  I was counting on getting a big burst of energy during my second trimester and using it to kick my (ever expanding) butt into gear, but that never happened.  When I was pregnant with the Muffin Man I went on an insane organizing rampage that began with a ridiculous amount of money spent at the Container Store, and ended with my entire house being an OCD's dream.  I don't know if I used whatever burst of energy I did get simply trying to keep up with Noah, or if I didn't get one at all this time around, but I have had no energy to accomplish anything.  Honestly, just thinking about washing all of Baby Girl's clothing made me so tired I considered lying down on the laundry room floor and taking a nap.

Thanks to a few extra cups of coffee (wheeee!) and some help from Gramma, I finally got my act together and made some progress.
- Nursery is painted
- Blackout Shades are up
- Crib and changing table are put together and moved in (this was a MAJOR Craiglist score)
- Curtain fabric is ordered
- Rug arrives on Friday
- Chair arrives in a few weeks
- Baby clothes are washed and put away

I'm going to refrain from listing all the stuff that still has to be done mainly because I've discovered that napping on my desk just isn't very comfortable.

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