Friday, May 30, 2014

Drink Up, it's the Weekend!

Cheers to the weekend, my lovelies!  So far we've managed to weather our temporary homelessness without incident.  In fact, I think that the Muffin Man has handled the whole thing better than his parents, which leads me to believe that despite my frequent and varied Motherhood failings I haven't managed to completely mess him up.  I think we might head to the beach this weekend, as the weather is hot and perfect for a day spent repeatedly telling a toddler to not eat sand.  What exciting things do you have planned?

Here are a few goodies that caught my eye on the interwebs this week:

I loved this piece on being the Momma of boys.

Vacations for the do-gooder in all of us.

I really, really want to see Fed Up.  Right after I curb my pregnancy sugar cravings...

How to raise a moral child.

Admit it, Mommas, there are days you've seriously contemplated going on strike.

Further adventures in making Ikea furniture look fancy.

Carrot and crisy chickpea salad might be happening this weekend. 

The warm weather has me contemplating retiring my usual all-black wardrobe and donning eyelet.

The paranormal can be hilarious, as Ghost Shrink proves.

Drink up: a Spiked Arnold Palmer is easy and delicious.

Have a great weekend!


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