Friday, March 21, 2014

Weekend Love

Love in an SUV
Happy Spring! Sorry for my absence yesterday, friends, but I was busy peeing in a cup and having my (ginormous) baby bump measured.  I am, almost overnight, what a friend of mine would refer to as a "wide load", so I hope for the sake of both of us that you will not inadvertently find yourself sitting next to me and my giant ass on an airplane trip.  I'm not sure which I dread more at this point, childbirth, or the number of squats I'm going to have to do afterwards to attempt to regain my figure.  Ugh.

What are you lovelies up to this weekend?  The Hubs is working all weekend, so I'm taking the Muffin Man to some sort of cultural event tomorrow with his baby girlfriend, which should be both exhausting and thrilling all at once.

To get you in a weekend mood, here are some bits and bobs I found intriguing this week:

A fascinating article about how screwed up kids are because they're not allowed to take risks anymore.  Finally, some scientific support for my laissez-faire parenting!

40 weeks of selfies makes pregnancy look so beautiful.

I loved getting a glimpse of SJP's home - so not what I expected!

How to stop moths from lunching on your cute sweaters. (just in time for Spring's warmer temps)

Homemade Nutella, without the junk.  YES, YES AND YES.

Spring nail polish hues that are cruelty free.

Even cool people freak out about preschool apps.

Stop saying stupid sh*t to stay-at-home Moms. Please.

Have a great weekend!


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