Friday, March 14, 2014

Weekend Edition, Mommy Blog Style

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Sorry for my absence yesterday, folks, but I confess to abandoning you in favor of a few hours in the very capable hands of my hairdresser followed by an evening spent being a good wife at the Hubby's work event.  I'm back, I'm "blonde", and I'm looking forward to a weekend of beautiful spring weather and tackling some house projects specifically targeted at getting ready for baby number two.  I am, not surprisingly, running terribly behind as per usual, despite having somehow found time to pin a bazillion nursery inspiration photos on Pinterest.  Motherhood may not be my forté, but procrastination is!  

If you're looking for a few interesting things to add to your own Pinterest boards, here's what I've been eyeing this week:

Highly creative people are different.  We're not just weird.  

I would like someone to come over and make quinoa cakes with poached eggs for me.  

butterfly cuff bracelet is way better than that butterfly tramp stamp I debated getting in college.

How to layer necklaces (advice I need, since I suck at this)

A gallery wall is destined for our bedroom.  How to do it right.

I'm a sucky knitter, but this awesome cause got me motivated to dig out the needles and yarn.

Enjoy your weekend, my lovelies!


P.S. - Thank you to everyone who entered the Blue Apron giveaway!  We have a very deserving winner who will be receiving a big box of deliciousness next week.  

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