Friday, February 7, 2014

Have a Terrific Weekend

Happy Friday, my lovelies!  We have a weekend full of one year old birthday parties ahead of us, so I'm planning to stock up on Tylenol and wine today.  It appears as though there are lots of fun Valentine-themed events happening around town, so I hope you're headed out to something more stimulating than hours of screaming children at My Gym.  I confess to being a little bit overly excited about The Olympics getting started tonight, as I'm a sucker for those sparkly ice skating outfits, and now that the events will be streaming LIVE online I'm even more excited (come on, you must agree that Matt Lauer was a major buzz kill in Vancouver - talk about #NBCfail).

What are you up to this fine February weekend?

Here are a few things that caught my eye around the interwebs this week:

Are parenting bloggers too honest about the bad parts of raising children?

Bargain beauty buys I can't wait to try.

A chart of age-appropriate chores for your kiddos.

Did you watch Jay Leno's final Tonight Show?  

I think I may have finally found a way to get the Muffin Man to eat avocados - in hummus!

I love spunky old ladies.

A teacher who is changing kids' lives for the better.

I just added this celestial cutting board to my birthday wish list.

Blood orange chili juice sounds delicious.  Especially if you add a little tequila…

Some great vintage furniture shopping tips. (p.s. it's Rose Bowl flea weekend!)

Vintage photo of the 1948 Olympics via Complex.

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