Tuesday, February 25, 2014

(Almost) Another Year Older, Probably Not Wiser

Well friends, tomorrow is the day of Yours Truly's birth.  That's right, I will be having a relaxing day at the spa followed by an epic party at the coolest --- oh no, wait, I forgot for a second that I have a child.  Here's what I'll be doing tomorrow: getting up at the crack of dawn, mainlining three cups of coffee before 9AM, chasing an active toddler who no longer likes to nap, and finishing off my "special" day by attempting to stay awake long enough to enjoy a rare dinner date with the Hubby.  The excitement is killing me, folks.

Thankfully, my amazing, wonderful, generous (there aren't enough adjectives to describe her) Mother-in-Law is taking the Muffin Man off of my hands for the afternoon, so I'm treating myself to a Drybar blowout and a manicure.  I am currently counting the hours until a well-deserved break from Motherhood.

Doesn't it just seem terrible that the only thing I want for my birthday is a day away from my child?  Judge me if you will, but there's nothing more indulgent, more incredibly luxurious, than enjoying A Day Without a Toddler.  I have no reservations about ditching my kid with his Nana and taking off for some me time, and I plan to savor those hours for all they are worth.  Sayonara kiddo!

Just in case you happen to be a better person than I am and you want to ask for actual material goods instead of time away from your offspring, here's what I would put on my birthday list if I wasn't simply asking for free childcare.


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