Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I Dream of Sleep

I am tired.  My husband is tired.  The Muffin Man is tired.  Basically, we are a house full of very tired people.  Apparently my child is going through a developmentally appropriate, yet truly horrible, growth spurt that has caused major sleep regression.  Remember how I've spent the last several months gloating about what an amazing sleeper Noah is these days and how life is so much better now that I'm getting a full night's sleep?  Well I'm eating my words today, dear reader.  The last two weeks have been a cycle of Noah being unable to soothe himself and screaming for at least 30 minutes before finally falling asleep; four or five middle-of-the-night wake ups that find him standing up in his crib crying uncontrollably for a few minutes before falling back to sleep; and very short naps that leave me with an incredibly grumpy child prone to tantrums.  I can't adequately describe the torture it is to be alone with an overtired, irritable toddler for hours on end without a break, but you're welcome to come over and experience it for yourself in the event that you're curious.

According to the extensive reading* (one Google search) that I've done, Noah's sleep regression is due to his getting ready to walk.  As if being a sleep-deprived zombie wasn't terrifying enough, it appears as though I'm going to have a walker on my hands in just a matter of weeks.  He's been pulling up to standing for the last month or so, and he's currently creeping around while holding on to the furniture or to any human who may be within arm's reach.  While on the one hand I'm dreading just how exhausted I'm going to be once I have to start chasing after a small child who can walk, I am looking forward to Noah returning to his former sleep habits.

I guess this means that I can't put off the whole baby proofing thing any longer, huh?

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