Friday, December 6, 2013

Winter Weekend Wonderland

Christmas in Hollywood, circa 1962
Happy Friday, my lovelies!  We have a busy weekend full of one year old birthday parties (dear God, please let them have booze) and Christmas tree shopping.  Yes, we are the kind of Jews who celebrate Christmas, and it's totally okay if that makes you uncomfortable.  I'm planning to make the most of my returning health by running myself ragged, so hopefully my flu doesn't make an unwelcome encore performance.  What do you have planned for this beautiful winter weekend?

Here are a few things that peaked my interest this week:

Los Angeles at Christmas time feels like a real Scrooge compared to New York, but here are some fun holiday-themed events around the Southland.

Chocolate Coconut Pie is going to be happening in my kitchen.

Tips for throwing a themed party (I'm taking notes, since I'm planning Noah's first)

It wouldn't be the holiday season without a viewing of the Last Christmas video.

The House of Cards season two trailer.  Cannot wait!

How to rock "Radiant Orchid", the color of the year.

Let's have a persimmon margarita party!

The best design books, perfect for all the chic people on your Christmas list.

I may just get crafty and make some gold animal straws for Noah's birthday party.

Have a great weekend!


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