Monday, October 28, 2013

Weekend Sweeties

Hey there, friends.  Did you survive the weekend full of blackout drinking and slutty costumes that passes for Halloween revelry these days?  I'm pretty sure I ate all my feelings of abandonment in fun size Snickers bars, so I'm feeling a little ill this fine Monday morning.

Aside from gorging ourselves on candy we had a pretty quiet weekend around these parts.  Saturday morning I put the kiddo in the Ergo and hit Emily Henderson's tag sale.  I got a cool pair of octagonal nesting tables (you can see them here), a silk lampshade, and a cute little tray to hold our keys.  I have grand plans to paint the tables and re-cover the shade as part of my never ending living room redo, so I promise to share pictures when (if?) I ever find the time to get everything finished.  Early Sunday morning we hit up the Hollywood Farmer's Market, which was a fun outing.  This week is super busy, with a kiddo Halloween party today, a birthday party tonight, three preschool tours, trick-or-treating on Thursday, and another birthday party come Saturday night.  So, yeah, I'm already exhausted just writing about it.  

We still haven't bought any pumpkins, which is just pathetic, so I really hope we can get our shit together in time for Halloween.

Mmm... felt banana.
The highlight of our weekend was seeing the Muffin Man in his adorable monkey costume, which my Mom actually made.  No store bought costumes for this little dude.  I'm basically planning to make Noah wear this thing all week long because he's so freaking cute.  Seriously, dressing my baby in a ridiculous costume has to be one of the high points of motherhood so far.

Anyway, here are a couple cute pictures from our weekend.  I promise that you will probably be sick of seeing my son dressed as a monkey by the end of the week, but it's my prerogative as a Mama to inundate all of you with photographs of my offspring.

Rollin' tag sale style.
Poems on demand.  Welcome to Hollywood.
Hat weather, finally!

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