Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Preschool Panic: Off Schedule

The Muffin Man slept through the Halloween party we were supposed to attend yesterday afternoon, so I don't have any cute pictures of him wearing his monkey costume and feeling up his girlfriends.  It's very unusual that Noah naps for longer than forty minutes in the afternoon, but I guess he was super tired yesterday, because he slept for almost two hours!  While I was insanely happy to have some extra time to myself to shower and blow dry(!) my hair, I was kind of bummed that we missed out on the Halloween sing-a-long and free cookies for Momma.

I'm off to another preschool tour this afternoon.  So far this place gets zero stars because they initially told me the wrong time for the tour.  It wasn't until I called to confirm this morning that I was told it's actually at 3:30 and not 1PM, which then led to a mad dash to reschedule the sitter and threw my day all to shit.  They really better put on a killer presentation and have the cutest school ever to make up for their disorganization.  Plus, let's be honest here, it's going to be really hard for another school to compete with the school of our dreams that we saw last month.  Tell me, dear reader, am I wrong to find it concerning that a school would be so disorganized?  My hope is that they are so focused on being present and available to their current students that they get things confused for potential applicants, but it's still somewhat troubling.  Perhaps I'm simply too OCD/anal retentive and I have unrealistic expectations of preschools, but when we are talking about tuition that's in the $10-15k range, I expect things to run like friggin' clockwork.  Honestly, for that kind of money my kid should be served edible gold leaf on his school lunch, but I think that might be asking a little too much.  Anyway, I promise to report back later in the week.  I can tell you that if they happen to offer warm cookies and/or fun size candy bars for the prospective parents on today's tour I will change my opinion post haste.

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