Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday Morning Wind Up

Welcome to another week, my lovelies.  As you can see the ol' blog has a brand spankin' new look, which is what has me up this fine morning at 2:30AM.  Actually, I'm pretty sure the thing that's truly responsible for my sleepless night is that delicious, fully caffeinated iced tea I enjoyed yesterday afternoon around 4PM.  Whatever the case, I've been wandering the halls of our dark duplex for the last several hours like something out of a Steven King novel.  Trust me, there are few things more horrifying than being awake while your baby is sleeping; not even a bucket of pig's blood on prom night.  Up until this unexpected turn of sleeplessness, I'd been enjoying my weekend.

Saturday night I accompanied the Hubby to a work shindig, and then we snuck away for an amazing sushi dinner at Sugar Fish.  I'm sure some of you went to Sushi Nozawa back in the day, which was a tiny spot in a strip mall in Studio City with the freshest sushi in town.  Sometimes referred to as "the Sushi Nazi" the original restaurant had fluorescent lighting, no decor, and no California rolls.  You ate what Chef Nozawa wanted you to eat, or you left.  I have a soft spot for the original, but this new incarnation - with good lighting, nice decor and a less expensive tab - is brilliant.  Dinner is great and it moves quickly, which is definitely a plus when you're paying a sitter.

Yesterday we drove up to Santa Barbara to visit Chris's younger brother and his family.  I was a little bit concerned that the Muffin Man would have a melt down on his first official road trip, but he was a dream traveler.  We took my Mother-in-Law with us, which was a stroke of brilliance, as she entertained him in the backseat.  I always forget how amazingly beautiful it is in Santa Barbara.  The weather was absolutely spectacular, and the ocean breezes coupled with the cool fall temperature made for a perfect afternoon. 

We took Noah to his first antique show, which I don't think he found too impressive.  The kid was right, the prices were outrageous!

Of course it wouldn't be fall without the requisite trip to a pumpkin patch.  Noah wasn't exactly thrilled to be forced to sit in the hay and pose for pictures, but seriously, is there anything cuter than a baby with a pumpkin?  We still haven't put up our Halloween decorations, but I have high hopes of getting to that project sometime soon.  Hopefully before Christmas.

Totally normal way to end the weekend.  

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