Monday, September 9, 2013

Pin Up

Well, hello there, Monday.  We had an extremely unexciting weekend around these parts (unless you consider making baby food and going to Costco exciting).  I had hoped we'd be able to steal away to Santa Barbara for the day on Sunday, but alas, the Hubs had to work, so we stayed close to home.  

You know what did happen this weekend?  I became addicted to Pinterest.  The fact that I have the Pinterest app on my iPhone is very, very bad.  It's basically like putting a bag of cocaine in an addict's pocket and expecting her not to snort it.  I mean, seriously.  I already have a problem that causes me to tear pages from magazines at the nail salon and the doctor's office but now I can do it digitally and all the time!!!  I have actually taken to locking my phone in the trunk of my car so that I can't pin at stop lights and inadvertently cause a fatal accident with my interior design obsession.  Yes, it's that bad.  

There is one problem with Pinterest, however, and it's that it makes me freaking hungry.  Half the pins that people put on there are pictures of insanely delicious-looking baked goods.  S'more squares with smoked marshmallow fluff?  Nutella pot de creme with sea salt? Cinnamon roll cupcakes with cream cheese frosting?  YES, PLEASE!  It's literally crazy making.  Inevitably, after just a few minutes of scrolling Pinterest I find myself in the kitchen staring into my refrigerator for something that can appease my craving for rocky road cookie bars.  Of course, since I'm still eating bark and quinoa, there is absolutely nothing in my home that remotely resembles any of these tasty treats, and I'm left feeling extremely unsatisfied (not unlike sex with many of my exes).  I guess I'll just have to get my sugar fix virtually.  Now if you'll excuse me, I really have to take advantage of my kiddo's nap to spend some time on Pinterest.

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