Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Out with the Old

Reading up on Rosh Hashanah
Happy New Year!  Don't worry, my friends, I haven't completely lost my marbles; I know that it's not January 1st.  For those of us of the Jewish persuasion, tonight marks the beginning of Rosh Hashanah, or the Jewish New Year.  We're ringing out that musty old year of 5773 and welcoming the bright young thing of 5774.

Personally, Rosh Hashanah is my favorite holiday.  Sure, I love Chanukah because I get to unwrap presents and eat lots of fried food, but there's something about Rosh Hashanah that gets me excited for the upcoming Autumn and the year ahead.  Unlike secular New Year celebrations, in which one is expected to have fun no matter what, I like that the Jewish New Year is a time for celebration and reflection on the year that's coming to a close.  Tonight marks the Muffin Man's first Rosh Hashanah dinner.  We're getting together with the extended family, eating apples and honey (for a sweet new year) and lifting a glass of kosher wine for health, wealth and happiness in 5774.  I've made Noah a special batch of puréed apples just for tonight, I paid someone to iron his shirt, and I actually baked a honey cake.  I know it sounds like I've gone all "domestic goddess" on you or something, but rest assured my house is a mess, the kitchen floor is covered in flour, and I haven't washed my hair in at least a week.  

L' Shana Tovah, my friends!

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