Monday, September 30, 2013

Mondays Suck

Just in case the fact that it's Monday wasn't enough to sour my morning, I've spent the last three hours on the phone with the police department and our insurance company dealing with the fallout from a real estate open house that occurred yesterday.  I haven't mentioned it here on the ol' blog before, mainly because I prefer to be in denial about all the bad things in life, but our landlord is selling our duplex.  What this will mean in the long run remains to be seen.  We're sincerely hoping that whoever purchases the property does so solely as an investment and allows us to stay on, but it's entirely possible that we will have to move in the not-so-distant future.

As a result of the house being listed for sale, the landlord asked to have an open house, which I agreed to.  I admit to being somewhat hesitant to open my home to a parade of strangers ogling my stuff, but I did my utmost to make our house look neat and tidy in order to facilitate a successful sale.  You know, I could've been a real asshole, as I'm sure many tenants are, and left our bed unmade and the kitchen a mess and toys all over the floor.  However, I am a nice person with decent manners and our current landlord is really a lovely person, so out of respect for her I went the extra mile to make our home look attractive to potential buyers.  Well, I guess our home looked inviting to buyers and thieves, because when we arrived home the Realtor informed us that someone "suspicious" had gone upstairs and then come running back down again a few minutes later before exiting our home.  Why this suspicious person was allowed into our home at all, let alone to go upstairs without being followed is beyond me.  Upon closer examination we discovered that the person in question had gone into our bedroom, opened up a drawer, and stolen a valuable watch and several rings.

So today I've been trying to deal with the fallout from yesterday's events while also juggling a small child who doesn't appreciate it when his Mother is on the phone.  First, I tried to file a police report (after being on hold for 40 minutes) only to be told that I have to do so in person.  Yeah, that should go real well with a nine month old in tow.  After that I was on the line with our insurance company for an hour.  They want photographic documentation of us wearing the items in question, because it's totally normal to take pictures of one's wrists and hands (really?), so after getting off the phone with them I spent another hour looking through 4,563 iPhotos trying to find random snapshots of Chris's wrist and my left hand, to no avail.  All of this was done while simultaneously feeding, changing and playing with the Muffin Man who was alternately crying and laughing.  Fun times.  I f-ing hate Mondays.

Now I'm off to the police station to file the stupid police report.  Let's not forget that I live ghetto adjacent, so the jaunt to my local precinct promises to be like something from Law and Order circa 1990.  Needless to say, I'll be taking a lot of sanitizing hand wipes with me.  Wish me luck, folks.

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  1. My week starts on Sunday. (I work Sunday through Thursday.) Mondays aren't that bad.


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