Tuesday, September 3, 2013

It's All Over

I guess that summer is technically over, even though here in Los Angeles the temperatures are soaring almost as high as my air conditioning bill.  We didn't do much this weekend, mainly because the Hubby had to work, but also because when you have central air and can have wine delivered, what reason is there to leave the house?  Noah and I did take a dip in his very fancy inflatable swimming pool on Saturday afternoon, but after seeing photographs of myself in a bikini I think I will spare all of you the horror and not post any of them.

I'm really in mourning for my pre-baby abs today, my friends.  I'm a slender lady, so the rest of me has pretty much bounced back to the way I looked before, but the pouch I'm carrying around my midsection is distressing.  I may just start referring to myself as "Kanga", and Noah as "Roo".  Is it even possible to return my midsection to its pre baby glory without employing Tracy Anderson?  I wore one of those corset things after giving birth, and I've been doing yoga to tone my core, but I don't think it's working.  Supposedly it takes about a year for your body to return to its former state, so hopefully next summer I'll be able to wear a bikini in public.  Until then I'm just going to have to stick to the privacy of my own backyard and institute a "no photography" policy.  

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