Friday, September 27, 2013

Have a Wonderful Weekend

Sorry for the late post today, friends.  I've been busy filling out a preschool application for the school we toured yesterday which is basically our dream school.  I honestly feel that the Muffin Man attending this place will ensure his development into a confident, well-rounded human being who will not require a lifetime of expensive psychoanalysis (unlike his parents).  Here's hoping we ace the family interview and Noah gets a spot for the class that matriculates in 2030.

We have a busy weekend around these parts, complete with a birthday party and our annual neighborhood block party on Sunday.  I'm supposed to bring a dessert, so assuming I can muster enough energy to drag my tired Mommy bones into the kitchen tomorrow, I plan to make some gluten free, vegan, sugar-free Thin Mints.  Trust me, they actually taste really, really delicious.

Here are a few gems from around the web to get you in the weekend mood...

Peanut butter chocolate chip ice cream without dairy (or an ice cream maker)!

My San Francisco dream home.

The grief that comes from watching your babies grow up.

A weekend breakfast perfect for fall.

How to make your red lips look perfectly kissable.

My newest obsession is obelisks.

Please feed me kimchi fried rice.

We're three seasons behind on Breaking Bad, but this cocktail has me in the mood for more White & Pinkman.

Dying to read this livre.

I'm having a fashion affair with harem pants.

Have a wonderful weekend, my lovelies!


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