Monday, August 19, 2013

Weekend Wine Down

Monday always seems to roll around really fast, doesn't it?  The weather is all dreary this morning here in beautiful Los Angeles, so I think that's causing me to have an especially bad case of the Mondays.  Honestly, I'm considering popping a few of my placenta pills that I've been saving in my freezer.  Who needs anti depressants when you've got placenta?!

We had a busy weekend around these parts.  Saturday a good friend of mine hosted a wine tasting, so I ditched the Muffin Man with the babysitter and spent the afternoon pretending to know the difference between a Cab and a Shiraz (both are red and both have alcohol in them so therefore both are delicious).  It was definitely a treat to have a whole child-free afternoon full of good company and adult beverages.  

Sunday the Hubby actually took the day off (hooray).  We walked to the farmer's market in the morning, I went a got a manicure and then we spent the afternoon at a family birthday party.  Noah had a great time watching his older cousins splash in the pool and I enjoyed having his Nana there to play with him so I could relax and enjoy two glasses of wine and three pieces of pie.  What can I say except that I really know how to par-tay.

Today my story about Noah's birth is featured on the Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine blog, so head on over there if you're interested in reliving my natural, unmedicated pregnancy and labor. It's not pretty, but it is funny.

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