Monday, August 12, 2013

I (don't) Love LA

Welcome to Monday, my friends. I'm currently going through one of my "I hate LA" phases, which was exacerbated by a weekend spent sitting in traffic with a screaming baby in my backseat.  Yes, the weather is great here, but who can enjoy it when you spend most of your life trapped inside your climate controlled automobile staring at the car directly in front of you?  So this week I'm dreaming of relocation to a walkable city (I'm looking at you here, SF and NY).  Not to fear, I'm sure we will never leave this city of strip malls and broken dreams, mainly because we have family here (AKA free childcare) but also because the Hubby is permanently scarred both from years of shoveling snow during adolescence and riding the subway in the 1980's.

I will confess that I would really miss having lots of family around if I did somehow convince the Hubby to return to the East Coast. We spent lots of time with both sets of relatives this weekend, and the Muffin Man loves seeing his grandparents and his cousins.  I would surely feel guilty if I deprived my kiddo of extended family solely because LA's concrete landscape is getting to me (I would, right?  Right?!).  Anyway, life continues apace and we're on to another week filled with Mommy and Me and sleep deprivation. If you're looking for me I'm most likely to be found sitting on the 101, the 405 or the 10, pulling what's left of my hair out while Noah wails in the backseat. And please don't suggest I "take Fountain" (I'm looking at you here, Bette Davis); traffic on that street is the worst.

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