Friday, August 16, 2013

Have a Great Weekend

We've survived another week, my friends, so I think that calls for a cocktail.  It's been a bit of a rough one around these parts.  I had a bad reaction to the antibiotics they gave me for the Mastitis, so now I'm fighting a really sexy case of thrush.  I'm pretty sure this is the universe telling me it's time to start weaning the Muffin Man, so it looks like my reading material this weekend will be the page turner The Nursing Mother's Guide to Weaning.  I know, the glamour of my life really is too much to handle sometimes.  I hope you have some fun plans to take advantage of the beautiful weather and these dog days of summer.  I've been getting a contact high from all the Halloween candy they're already selling at my local Rite Aid, so I guess fall will be here before we know it.

Just in time for a weekend full of binge drinking, our friends at The Awl reveal which drinks get you the most wasted.

Chocolate dipped frozen bananas like you used to eat as a kid, but fancier.

How much it really costs to live in Los Angeles (the actual dollar cost, not the psychological cost).

Can I interest you in an arsenic-laced donut?  A new Flowers in the Attic movie is in the works.  Color me excited.

Your Mother in Law is right, you really are doing your laundry wrong.

I'm pretty sure a Sriracha Bloody Mary is the perfect drink for Saturday or Sunday morning.  Or really, anytime.

Have a wonderful weekend my lovelies!


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