Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Happy Anniversary to Us

Hawaii Big Island Wedding
No filter, no photoshop.  Welcome to my family's coffee farm on the Big Island of Hawaii.
Seven years ago today, Chris and I got married.  I know it's shocking that I have managed to remain married to the same person for almost a decade, but there you have it.  I may have dated a lot of losers, but I married a winner.

I have to say that our wedding day was the best day of my life.  I know I'm supposed to say that giving birth to the Muffin Man was the best day of my life, but let's be real here, people. I'm pretty sure that when given a choice between pushing a human out of your vagina or wearing a beautiful white dress during a Hawaiian sunset, you would choose the latter, too.

No wedding is perfect.  Sure, the photos always look perfect, but that's the whole reason you pay a photographer more than your rent; so that you can pretend it all went off without a hitch.  Our wedding had its share of drama, including a wedding planner who had to be fired five days before we got married, me somehow mis-counting the number of tables, which left the sweetheart table without a floral arrangement (I'm sure my therapist would say this was some major comment on my own self-worth, but that's exactly why I didn't invite him), and at least three of Chris' friends being ejected from their hotel for drunk and disorderly conduct.  In the end the only things that really mattered were the important ones: that our family and friends were with us for our wedding day, and that the bar didn't run out of alcohol.

Real Wedding Hawaii
The Kahuna who married us also married my Parents.  Yeah, we probably should've used a Rabbi, but that just wouldn't have been as cool.  

Big Island of Hawaii Wedding

Wedding fire dancers

At the end of the night, I surprised Chris with fire dancers.  Best. Wedding. Present. Ever.  

As I recall, we were so tired from all of the festivities, we spent the first day of the rest of our lives...sleeping.  Now that's what I call romantic.  

Happy Anniversary, Chris.  I love you!

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