Thursday, August 8, 2013

Back to Reality

Reunited... and it feels so good.  
I have returned from my brief Motherhood hiatus and am back to my usual activities of singing songs and changing diapers.  We had a lovely child-free romantic getaway that involved cocktails by the pool, multiple spa treatments, and a leisurely dinner with no concern about getting home to relieve the babysitter. Of course we did spend most of the time talking about Noah or looking at pictures of him, and I spent a significant amount of our vacation hooked up to my breast pump, but I think that's as carefree as people get once they become parents.

We are lucky enough to have very generous relatives who gifted us with a night at the Ojai Valley in and Spa.  Honestly, after seven months straight of sleep deprivation, poopy diapers, and being covered in spit-up, I thought I had died and gone to heaven.  Not only is the place gorgeous, but it's quiet, peaceful and has really comfortable beds; all things that are very important when the main thing you plan to do on vacation is sleep.  I'm happy to tell you that we took advantage of not having to get up in the morning and slept until the very late hour of 9AM.  I know it's really, really pathetic that I now think of 9AM as "late", but when you have a human alarm clock who wakes you up at 7AM everyday, those two extra hours feel incredibly indulgent.  I think that we definitely celebrated our anniversary in style - and I'm pretty sure that I have the hangover to prove it.

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