Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Take Me Away

Our last pre-child vacation; back in the days when we were well-rested.
Exactly one week from today the Hubby and I will be hitting the open road for our first vacation since the Muffin Man was born. We are ditching the kiddo with the Grandparents and indulging in a romantic getaway.  We're only going to be gone for 32 hours, but the amount of planning and preparation that has to occur in order to make this happen is ridiculous.  Before Noah's arrival, the Hubs and I used to travel all the time. For a period of about two years we never bothered to put away our suitcases because we were on airplanes every week.  In those days getting ready to leave town took all of 15 minutes. Now that I am responsible for a small human being, preparing for even one night away takes two weeks of preparation.  I have to: pump at least 30oz of breast milk for bottles, make and freeze two days worth of baby food, leave instructions for the Grandparents with regards to Noah's homeopathic supplements, and make sure there are enough diapers and wipes to last through two days of my Mother who likes to change Noah at least twice an hour.  Oh and somehow I also have to find the time to get a bikini wax, since I'm pretty sure the people at the resort swimming pool have no interest in seeing what happens when you haven't visited your waxer since before your son was born.  I realize that this probably wouldn't be such a big deal if I wasn't a neurotic control freak, but until I can start taking my anti-anxiety meds again, I'm pretty much guaranteed to drive myself and the Hubs crazy. I'm just glad we're not trying to take Noah with us. Can you imagine what a train wreck I would be if I had to pack up everything I'd need not only for myself, but also for the baby?  I dread the thought. Even though the preparation is a pain in the ass, I'm beyond excited for our mini vacation. The poor Hubs hasn't had a day off since Father's Day, so I'm looking forward to spending some quality time alone with him without having to juggle a six month old.  The only activities I plan to partake in include drinking adult beverages poolside, getting a massage, and sleeping.  Now that's what I call a vacation.

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